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The Mobile Multi-lingual Bladder Diary
For mobile phones, smartphones and Iphones we offer the bladder diary in a special adaptation which reflects the input modes of those devices. The data are stored on the device, not online. So you or your child can keep the diary when he or she is not at home. We offer it in 4 languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Russian

How it's done

1. Open browser and load programBrowser öffnen und Programm herunterladen

To load the application into your browser, open the page http://www.blasentagebuch.de/m or scan the QR code below. The internet addresses and QR codes for the various versions are at the end of this page. Now the program is loading - this can take a few minutes, especially with slow mobile connections.

2. Data entry

Read the data entry hints and click on 'Next'. After entering the patient's name, age and weight, click 'Next' again for entering the events to be recorded.

3. Adding data

Save the download page as a bookmark or favourite. For the next visit of the page no internet connection is necessary. The bladder diary can also used offline.

4. Where are the data stored?

The data which you enter are stored on your mobile device and not (yet) transmitted.

5. Evaluation

Only after you click "Evaluate", the data are sent to the server at www.blasentagebuch.de and evaluated. The results are shown on your mobile device. So an internet connection is only necessary for the evaluation of the data.

6. How can I print the evaluation?

The evalaution contains an internet address where you can download the evaluation from your PC to print it and take it to your doctor.

7. Privacy

The server only stores data which are relevant for the evaluation. Your e-mail address, phone number or other personal data are neither transmitted nor stored.

If you find bugs or have an idea for enhancements, please let us know at info@blasentagebuch.de.

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http://www.blasentagebuch.de/m http://www.blasentagebuch.de/en/m http://www.blasentagebuch.de/tr/m http://www.blasentagebuch.de/ru/m